Wardrobe Closets – An Overview

If you are planning a home remodeling project but do not want to build a closet because your budget is limited and you want to have the option to restore a room into its original state, then wardrobe closets are what you need.

A wardrobe closet is portable and freestanding so you can move it in any room, from bedroom to garage, kitchen or laundry. It also comes in various styles, designs and sizes that you will have no difficulty in fitting it on a corner or along the wall and matching it your other furniture.

They are a perfect solution for getting additional storage space at a lower cost. Check out the offerings with discounted prices from different online retailers. Here are some for your consideration.

Savannah 6-Door Tower:

You can create more space with this storage tower constructed from solid hardwood and grained maple veneer. It features adjustable shelving and shutter-style panels. It measures 72 inches in height by 31 inches in width by 14 inches in depth. Color options are walnut, antique black and white.

Wood Wardrobe/Closet With Sliding Door:

Beijing Youbrothers Science and Commerce Ltd. Co. is offering this wood wardrobe closet constructed with particle board. The material for frame, sliding door and rails is aluminum magnesium alloy. You have a choice of the door material-melamine or PVC board and a combination with artistic cloth or rattan knitted work. The closet, under the brand name Dainty, is flexible in style, making it perfect for different building styles. You can customize the wardrobe according to your requirements and needs.

Double Door Storage Closet:

The Wantong storage closet from Fu’an Wantong Textile Product Co. Ltd. is available has a modern style and available in white color. It is constructed with solid wood and provides the convenience of D-style zipper double doors. It features breathable fabric cover which allows your clothes to stay fresh, easy to access exterior shoe storage with nine pockets and solid wood frame. The product dimensions are 80 inches by 20 inches by 63 inches.

Wardrobe Closet from Foshan Enmei Home Decoration:

This closet has MDF or finished plywood shelf. The drawer style is solid wood dovetail or plywood and the hardware such as drawer slides, hinges, handles and shelf pins are made of quality materials. Color options are grey, yellow, red, white and maroon. You can order the size, detail designs and style according to your specifications and requirements.

Large Antique Solid Oak 2 Door Armoire Wardrobe Closet:

This solid oak wardrobe is constructed with antique solid oak. At the center of the armoire is a large beveled mirror and at both sides are closets with shelves. Each closet door has a beautiful an ornate raised panel with carving. It measures 80 inches in height by 64.25 inches in width by 19.25 inches in depth.

The 2 Door Wardrobe – Open to Versatility

The 2 door wardrobe is a great choice when you are looking for ample storage space and versatility. Two doors provide added convenience with a stylish design. When you find that one door does not seem to give you the options you need for storage, a 2 door wardrobe may be the step up that you need.

A very popular design of 2 door wardrobes is to designate a section for hanging clothing beside a section of drawers or shelves. The function and versatility of this design works for those that want to store clothing and accessories together. It allows the added convenience of having folded clothing, such as undergarments, in the same space as hanging clothing.

When considering the 2 door wardrobe, evaluate your room space. You will need to have extra clearance for the doors. Make sure you have sufficient space to allow unobstructed movement around the wardrobe as well. You can visually open up the space in your room by choosing mirrored doors for the wardrobe.

Now decide on the style of wardrobe you want. Do you prefer the rich stained finish and carved details of traditional? Do you want a clean and soothing look with a wardrobe painted in crisp, bright white? Perhaps the chic and glamorous appeal of a fully mirrored wardrobe is more to your liking. The styles of available 2 door wardrobes are wide and varied. You can choose one that fits your décor and style perfectly.

Always carefully inspect the wardrobe to ensure quality craftsmanship. Make sure the doors are level and close flush. Check the hardware to ensure it is securely fastened. Test the drawers for ease of movement and shelves for levelness. Make sure the wardrobe sits level on the floor. Inspect the surface for any dents or scratches that are not part of the intended finish.

There are many different storage combinations available in a 2 door wardrobe. Drawer and shelving units can be varied in their placement and distribution. Shelving can be adjustable for more versatility. Spaces for hanging clothing can be chosen depending on your particular needs.

If you are short on hanging space, there are 2 door wardrobes available to fit that need. Some designs dedicated to hanging storage also include drawers underneath the doors. If you need more drawer space and shelving, you can choose a design with only these features. Everything remains behind closed doors for a very neat and organized look. These are perfect when you need space to store out-of-season clothing or linens.

Tips on Buying Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Older wardrobes in older homes were built to last long and exhibit craftsmanship less often matched by modern closets, let alone mass-manufactured hollow core entries of flimsy plywood or stamped steel. This is not to say there are no durable closet doors for bedrooms anymore. Metal, steel, fiberglass, glass and composite are just some newer surface materials that are not only hardwearing but also variously provide insulation, energy efficiency, and resistance against aging, cracking and warping unlike wood, despite climate changes.

Vinyl, wood veneer and wood grain developed to look like real wood are favorable replacements for wood. However, wood is still viable for indoor use as closet doors for bedrooms. Excellent choices of solid hardwood and softwood include ash, birch, Spanish cedar, cherry, Honduran mahogany, hard or soft maple, red or white oak, and poplar. Wood panels may be flat or raised. Door hardware like levers and knobs may be changed up. Normal hinged closet portals should withstand frequent use, but some desirable alternatives are sliding and folding.

Sliding doors constitute two panels that move sideways along an upper or floor track system. In a bypass type, the panels slide either way, behind or in front of each other so that they overlap. In a pocket type, the panels glide all the way through a compartment in the wall. These types are often seen in patio, tub, shower, laundry and utility areas. Numerous panels are pleated in twos in a bifold door, or in multiples in its multifold kin. These kinds are common for breezeways pool houses, multi-function office rooms and greenhouses.

V-groove, tongue and groove, mirrored and louvered are more efficient options as closet doors for bedrooms. Fixed, false or operable, louvers in plantation, traditional and Californian stylings admit air to keep clothing from smelling musty, and so do bead and fabric types. True divided lite French doors use depth-adding glass panels, or lights, embedded in decorative grilles or mullions. Beveled or flat, frameless glass is clean-lined whereas arched tops, such as gothic or eyebrow, break from the gridded look. Closet entries are sold prehung on a frame, or jamb, or as slab door units only.

Choosing the Best Vinyl Closet Doors

Vinyl closet doors are becoming popular fixtures in many contemporary homes today. This is because they are easy to install, care and maintain, not to mention that they cost cheaper compared with other closet door types.

They also come in various styles, including folding, accordion and bypass. Integrating vinyl closet doors in your remodeling ideas is a smart decision and can be found at various online retailers like panelfold.com and pgtindustries.com.

Signature® Woodtex® Wood Grain Vinyl Laminates:

The wood grain vinyl on the door’s moldings complements the wood grain patterns and coloration found in many furniture, thus making this door an ideal choice for modern homes. The 7 millimeter vinyl is superbly constructed of 4 millimeter base color vinyl, top printed from a cylinder to ensure high quality wood grain production. The wood grain vinyl is fire resistant and has been classified by the ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test Method. The door is coated with clear vinyl laminate to ensure durability. Color choices are canyonwood, honeywood and wheatwood.

Crystal Doors’ Custom-Designed Vinyl Doors:

The company is able to manufacture vinyl doors measuring 3000mm by 1200mm. Its double wardrobe door stands 2605mm tall which is a great choice for large rooms. The versatility of this door is such that it could be used for headboards and bedroom worktops. You have choices of 14 edge profiles.

PGT® Vinyl Doors:

If you want a better replacement for your worn-out door, you will learn that PGT’s custom-built vinyl doors offer benefits you would not have imagined. This maintenance-free door combines insulating glass and heavy-duty vinyl frames with aluminum reinforced. Frame color options for the sliding glass doors are beige and white.

THERMOLAMINATED Vinyl Doors and Panels:

This vinyl door is constructed of 18mm MDF making it impact resistant and moisture proof. The face and edges are formed on durable decorative surface to create a stylish interior door. The door is available in various colors, including ultra white, classic white, alabaster, antique, porcelain, café cream, malt, cappuccino, snowgum and mountain pepper. Special gloss options are silver metallic, gunship metallic, onyx fineline, chocolate and cobalt metallic. The smooth molded edges of the door lessen the danger of the edges being chipped or catch.

Series 5400 Vinyl Sliding Door:

This door is designed to use in any large areas. It features aluminum or steel reinforced extrusions. The heavy-duty construction of this door ensures stability and stiffness required for high load applications. This door series is available in panel configurations of 2, 3 and 4 and maximum width of 19 feet and 6 inches and height of 10 feet. Standard hardware includes oversize zinc handle with powdercoat and corrosion-resistant lock. The high-quality vinyl extrusion will never rot, corrode, peel, warp, pit or crack. The door is easy to operate because of its full stainless carriage, wheel and track.

Painted Steel Bi-Pass Oak or Vinyl Board Closet Door:

This door is available in vinyl or oak board. It is economical and versatile which means you can use it in your bedroom, utility or any room in your home. It comes with pre-finished panels which require no painting. The door has vertical adjustability of 1 and 1/2 inches and available in sun gold and bright white paint.

Online retailers would be able to provide you with a wide array of doors to choose from at affordable prices. Make sure to compare products that interest you before you buy to avoid making a costly mistake.

Bi-Fold Closet Door Design Selection Tips

Bi-fold closet doors dress up your closet space with fine lines, unique configurations and ea of use unlike any other replacement door you may be considering. Interior designers always make them an integral part of remodel because they know that with the right door hardware and a small investment they can easily fit them into the makeover budget. Home owners have picked up on this trend not only because it is inexpensive, but also because the average person will have great success designing a new wardrobe replacement for those old worn out doors.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are tackling a large walk in closet space or just trying to spruce up the average room for arriving guests. If you’re stuck in a non creative mode, just visiting showrooms or online company displays will get you on the right track and before long your creative juices will be flowing with all the possibilities. The creative side of you will marvel when you discover the functional aspects and budget conscious inspirations you’ll have that transform a room from a boorish area to a centerpiece of visual appeal. The simple way to make any room shine, multi-fold closet doors are a fashionable tend in the U.S. and many other countries where the home has taken center stage to lifestyle.

The design options are nearly endless when you consider the many door track and hardware accessories you can combine with materials that come in acrylics, wood, metal, molded inlays and other features that bespeak luxury in the simplest designs.

For a more sophisticated home you can add to the design mix mirrors that reflect the inside of the room or bring light into areas once unusable. The architectural designs, the framing and tin etchings are so easy to install that you won’t believe the results yourself.

Pre assembled kits are available with pre drilled holes, and standard fits for easy replacement and custom designs that are commonly sold today even though the market is more tuned to the standard configuration. Getting that sleek look is readily available as manufactures have realized that home improvement can be done in stages if the right products are available for the do-it-yourself re-modeler.

When you stop and think, closet doors are probably the most used door in the home. Casual viewing of personal items is never a desire when guests arrive. We want these items readily available, but not open to public view. This may include items such clothes, shoes, linen, toys, exercise equipment and a host of other things common to the home.

The once forgotten closet door has evolved to become a part of the overall home decor. We want them to reflect our homes beauty, create a mood within a room and represent a piece of part of our personality just like the rest of the house.

As you review the multi-hardware kit options, systems, pulls and sets available consider the following:

Size should be the first consideration. Depending on your skills this can destroy the DIY project faster than anything else. Ideally, you want the same size replacement.
It is easy to replace a few panels that are pre-measured and are basically remove and drop in. However, if the closet is walls length then you’ll need to take a few extra steps with cascading tri-folding doors, so everything lines up properly when the job is completed.
As in real estate location is also important. A multi-fold door in an adult space would have different features than one placed in the children’s room or recreation area. So take into account safety, height and hardware before deciding on a design.
The next most important consideration would be what you plan to store in the space. Will the door be continuously opened and closed or will it be used occasionally? Whichever the case take this into consideration.

These four questions are a good start point. However, you’ll also want learn how these doors operate.

Multi-fold doors are installed as panels. The materials are the same in all panels. Their interlocking nature is configured by hinging them together. This allows them to operate like an accordion at the long edges. The louvers require near precise alignment when assembled. It’s a simple operation, but can be handy if you can visualize it before installing the doors yourself.

They stack against each other via door passing over door to neatly come together in a corner of the space. This allows them to fit better in smaller spaces than typical sliding closet doors.

The main advantages of these doors are they allow full view of the closet insides when they are opened fully. No more sliding doors from side to side to gain entrance into one side of the closet, only to realize that what you are looking for is on the other side. And the middle part of the closet is almost inaccessible. Bi-fold closet doors solve this problem since you now have full view of the closet just by pulling open one panel.

You can strategically place furniture in and around the doors since they don’t swing out and crowd the space. In urban areas, apartments and smaller homes this is a big advantage and utilizes the space more efficiently. Overall, these doors look great even when open. So you get to enjoy the aesthetics, functionality and ease of use as these doors bring a fresh perspective to the space.